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Greek Gods and Goddesses

M Baudin

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2.He stole Persephone.
10.Are's weapon often covered in bloodstains.
11.Artemis wears this.
12.She helped women give birth.
13.Child of Demeter and Zeus, became queen of the underworld
15.Goddess of crafts and the domestic arts.
17.Hephaestus Roman name.
20.Demeter is the Goddess of this.
22.She won a beauty contest judged by Paris.
23.Dionysus saved her after she was abandoned by Theseus
26.He cut open Zeus' head with an Ax giving birth to Athena.
27.Poseidon's weapon.
28.God of wine.
30.He was killed by Apollo when he was shot in the heel.
31.Sent by Hera to attack Heracles in his crib.
35.Athena asked him to slay Medusa, a gorgon with snake hair.
36.Dionysus' mother,
37.The last remaining virtue in Pandora's jar.
39.Poseidon was God of the sea, earthquakes, and these.
41.Symbol for Athena.
42.This season occurs when Demeter is sad and can't find her daughter.
43.Invented the shepherd's pipe.
1.King who was given the power to turn things he touched to gold
3.Hephaestus made this for Achilles
4.He was stuffed into a jar by giants.
5.This was said to be Golden and was captured by Jason.
6.Zeus' goddess wife.
7.Youngest and most powerful son of Cronus and Rhea
8.Hades' domain.
9.Hated by Hera because he was son of Zeus and a mortal woman.
14.Pandora's ugly husband.
16.He was born lame, and was thrown off Mount Olympus by his mother Hera
18.Mother of Apollo and Artemis.
19.Large women sent by Hera to attack Heracles
21.Hermes Roman name.
24.He had magic sandals that helped him fly.
25.Name of the first created woman.
29.Mountain where all the Gods live (except Hades)
32.Apollo's weapon of choice.
33.Artemis' brother.
34.Swallowed by Zeus.
38.The Cyclops has only one.
40.Niobe was turned into this after her children were killed by Artemis and Apollo

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