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Tears of a Tiger - Middle of Book

Ms. Kendra

Use your book to correctly complete crossword puzzle questions.

1 2
3     4   5         6
9         10       11  
12 13                    
    15         16 17
19                   20 21        
22 23                  
  24 25            

3.the gag gift that Rob's mom says she's giving to Andy every year
5.only person Andys says understands him
7.doesn't drink
8.sport they play
9.last name of their English teacher
13.attends all games - even after Rob is gone
14.reason accident happened
15.position Rob played
19.holiday they recently celebrated
21.Andy's little brother
22.Andy's last name
25.Keisha got Andy for Xmas
26.abused at home
1.Andy got Keisha for Xmas
2.type of person Andy sees for counseling
3.killed in car accident
4.Andy's gf
6.new team captain
10.Rob's last name
11.this reminded Andy of Rob
12.driver of the car
16.person Tyrone begins dating
17.schools that don't get off for snow days
18.name of their school
20.what their English teacher is always teaching that Andy gets sick of
23.emotion Rhonda felt
24.number of boys in the car during the accident

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