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Ch. 5 - Fighting Disease

Ms. Vincent

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4.Demonstrated that specific diseases are caused by specific pathogens.
6.He discovered penicillin, the first antibiotic.
11.When your body raises its temperature to fight a pathogen.
13.Often causes things like food poisoning.
15.An antigen on a virus will bind to only one kind of ______.
16.Acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
17.It is caused by the spreading of a protist by mosquitos.
21.Malaria is caused by one of these.
22.Developed a vaccine which stemmed the tide of the polio epidemic.
24.A disease that is caused by the presence of a living thing within the body.
27.Molecules that the immune system recognizes as either part of your body or coming from outside your body.
28.They grow best in warm, dark, and moist areas like inside of your shoes!
29.Organism that causes disease.
31.A white blood cell that that engulfs pathogens and destroys them by breaking them down.
33.More people died from this shortly after World War I than in the war itself.
2.If you step on a contaminated object, you might get this!
3.While he did not understand why it worked, he was able to successfully vaccinate people against smallpox.
5.It is your first line of defense against disease.
7.This happens when your white blood cells attempt to fight off an invading pathogen.
8.Some damage body cells directly and some damage cells by producing a toxin.
9.It can distinguish between different types of pathogens and react to them with a defense specifically targeted for that pathogen.
10.The virus that causes AIDS.
12.One of these cannot reproduce unless they are inside of a living cell.
14.A sign that your body is fighting a pathogen.
18.This type of white blood cell can distinguish between different types of pathogens.
19.Can be spread by the bite of an infected animal.
20.He showed that killing microorganisms could prevent the spread of disease.
23.He began washing his hands and surgical instruments which greatly increased the survival rate of surgical patients.
25.A cancer-causing agent, possibly in our environment.
26.A dead or weakened form of a disease which "teaches" your body how to recognize it.
30.They produce proteins that help destroy pathogens.
32.It recognizes marker molecules called antigens.

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