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1 2 3 4
5             6 7                 8
9                 10        
        14 15          
      17 18          
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        23   24  
  25 26   27    
        28   29            
30                         31 32        
      33           34           35  
    38                         39        

5.six equal sides
7.tool used to measure or mark wood, metal, and other materials
9.tool operated by some source of power
11.looks like a machine bolt with a few exceptiuons
13.any tool used to turn up, loosen, or remove earth
14.grooves of even shape and taper that wrap continouisly around a shank or hole
16.distance across the center of a rond circle or object
18.unit of measure used to designate the length of most nails
22.requires a screwdriver shaped like a plus
23.not really a hinge but is constructed like one and is sometimes classified with other hinges
29.hinge made by combining features of the butt hinge and the strap hinge
30.fastener with a round head over square shoulders and is used with wood
32.long stem part of a nail or screw
33.tool used to grip wood, metal, plastic, or other materials
36.hinges that are longer than they are high
37.a device with a threaded hole
38.flat phillips head, with very thin shank
39.tools that dont fit in standard categories
40.used in agricultural mechannics for special fasteners
1.any device used to hold two or more pieces of material together or in place
2.a fastener that is driven into the material it holds
3.tool used to make holes or change the size or shape of a tool
4.round headed bolt with a straight screwdriver slot
6.coated with zinc
8.means to fasten two or more flat pieces together with adhesive
9.has a square tapered head
10.small bolt with a hex nut
12.flat device with a hole in the center and is used as part of a fastener
15.an object that pivots and permits a door or other object to swing back and forth or up and down
17.enlarged part on top of nail
19.a six sided allen wrench is used to turn this
20.fastener with a square head or hex head with threads on just the last one inch or more of the shank
21.requires a standard screwdriver
24.four equal sides
25.tool used to turn nuts, bolts, or screws
26.tool used to move another tool or object
27.tool used to cut, chop, saw, or otherwise remove material
28.any instrument used in doing work
31.used to mount doors in a butted position
34.device used to reinforce joints in wood and metal
35.any tool operated by hand to do work

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