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Geo 2.2

Mr. Brown

You need to use pages 27-31 of your geography textbook to complete this crossword puzzle. Print it. USE ALL CAPS.

1     2       3
  4       5
6             7    
9         10    
12 13      
14 15      
16 17                

1.Name of oil deposits near St. John's
4._____ Arm: home to the world's largest drill platform
6.cod feed here: sea ________.
7.Was overfished in Newfoundland
8.Giant nickle company
9.Got foreign ship to stay further away: UN Law of the ____
10.rock that contains enough mineral content to make mining worthwhile
11.were confident that supplies would remain strong
13.a resource that replaced the fishing industry
17.___________ Bay: port where crude oil is taken
18.type of wave used to find large schools of fish
19.fishers that fish the deep waters away from shore
2.larger ships came from this continent
3.Newfoundland is on this ocean
5._____________ peoples were given job priority.
7.Canadian fisheries minister in 1992
12.Large numbers of cod live on the Grand _______.
14._______- pit mining allows for the removal of ore by direct digging near surface
15.The fog-bound ocean is clogged by _____________.
16.fishers that fish with small boats relatively close to the shore

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