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Chapter 5 Vocab

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1.a statement in which "it" replaces the personal pronoun "I".
4.the process of adapting one's speech style to match that of others with whom one wants to identify.
7.language that conveys the sender's attitude rather than simply offering an objective description.
8.a statement in which the second half cancels the meaning of the first.
9.innocuous terms substituted for blunt ones.
13.rules that govern the meaning of language, as opposed to its structure.
22.clearly expressing their thoughts, feelings, and wants.
23.claims that can be verified as true or false.
24.conclusions arrived at from an interpretation of evidence.
25.treating people or objects as if they were unchanging.
26.the use of first-person-plural pronounces to include other, either appropriately or inappropriately.
2.rules that govern the way symbols can be arranged.
3.forms of speech that communicates to others a lack of power in the speaker.
5.a statement that expresses or implies a judgment of the other person.
6.the best-known declaration of linguistic relativism, formulated by Benjamin Whorf and Edward Sapir.
10.language that consists on words and phrases that have more than one commonly accepted definition.
11.language that classifies members of one racial group as superior and others as inferior.
12.rules governing the way in which sounds are pronounced in a language.
14.a statement that describes the speaker's reaction to another person's behavior without making judgments about its worth.
15.the notion that the language individuals use exerts a strong influence on their perceptions.
16.a range of more abstract to less abstract terms describing an event or object.
17.based on speaker's beliefs.
18.rules that govern interpretation of language in terms of its social context.
19.words that gain their meaning by comparison.
20.includes words, phrases, and expressions that unnecessarily differentiate between females and males or exclude, trivialize, or diminish either sex.
21.the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.

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