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1.3 and 1.4 Crossword SNC 1P

Mr Auger

Use your notes and you text book for clues! Spaces are not included in the letter count this time.

1 2 3
4       5
  6                   7 8
          9         10      
15     16                    
    18                 19  
20                           21          
  22                   23              

6.An organism that recycles dead plant and animal matter
9.the animal that eats the prey
11.what Ayden and his sister fight for after school
12.the largest population size that an ecosystem can sustain
14.the range of an organism that an organism can exist in
16.it can be hot or cold, an abiotic factor
18.one organism lives on or in another
20.any resource that limits the size of a population
21.its wet, an abiotic factor
22.all the individuals of a certain species living in a certain area
23.how salty water is, an abiotic factor in aquatic ecosystems
24.Any substance that a living thing needs to sustain its life
26.a relationship where one organism benefits, the other is neutral
1.gets eaten (deer, rabbit)
2.the process that plants use to create sugars and oxygen
3.we like to eat this after school
4.a non living factor in an ecosystem
5.the process that animals use to create CO2 and water
7.when one animal eats another
8.a living factor in an ecosystem
10.a parasite that lives in cats and dogs
13.two organisms trying to get the same thing
15.the pattern of continual use and reuse of a nutrient
17.how acidic water is, an abiotic factor in aquatic ecosystems
19.plants and bacteria have this relationship
25.20 of these can turn into 5120!

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