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Meaningful Learning with Technology


Complete the following crossword to test your knowledge of key terms before the test!

1         2        
4     5  
    6 7

1.A global activity where players use GPS and their problem solving skills to find well hidden treasures found by previous visitors.
3.Knowledge that cannot be explained or written down, that is transferred through shared experience and observation.
4.An educational communication tool which allows users to create and modify content in live collaboration with others over the internet.
9.The type of knowledge involving facts and events rather than methods or theories.
10.A model that an individual can manipulate to learn how the physical world works.
2.A type of graphic organizer that begins with a main idea and then branches out to sub-topics, more specific ideas or examples.
5.A free program designed for students in primary school and older to design music using chunks of musical sound.
6.A well reasoned supposition as to the possible outcomes of a given event.
7.A personalized character used online or in a simulation.
8.The form of learning that requires students to discover, process, and apply information.

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