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Lesson 1

1 2
3         4   5 6      
7     8    
  9   10   11            
  15             16    
20 21                
22         23                    

3.v. to get or gain st, especially in one place
6.n. a chance to do st that is being done in order
11.a. feeling surprised or upset by st(something) unexpected
12.n. a conversation in which people disagree with anger
13.n. st someone wants to enjoy or learn more about
14.n. a bad or weak part of someone
15.v. to give someone confidence
18.a. feeling very ashamed about what someone has done wrong
19.n. st left after other parts have been taken away
21.v. to agree with and help sb(somebody) when one is in need
22.a. completely correct
23.phr. to have a romantic relationship with someone
24.a. feeling unhappy about others' advantages
25.a. worried or anxious about st
1.a. related to the good aspects of a situation
2.phr. to say or write st that is not completely true
4.v. to make st happen, especially st bad
5.v. to remember a particular fact or event from the past
7.a. feeling thankful towards someone
8.v. to do st in a dishonest way in order to win or gain an advantage
9.ad. in a private way that other people do not know about
10.v. to behave towards someone in a particular way
16.phr. to experience st, especially a difficult situation
17.ad. used to emphasize that st is more important
20.ad. to the contrary
23.a. full of extremely positive words

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