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Computer Technology

Nasser Mostafa

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1.An in put device connected to some computerised that controls the cursor
5.It's the person controlling the computer
6.It is the most common operating system for personal computers.
8.The output device on computerised devices
9.It's a combination of many devices connected together
10.Permanent memory that is used to store the important programs that make the computer work.
11.To illustrate.
13.letters and numbers are found on buttons on this
15.It's an active program that is running.
17.It is the meeting point between the user and the computer.
18.It's a result of or an outcome of a calculation or a program
21.It's a device that captures events into the computer
23.Similar to a video game comtrollor but has a stick to move.
25.A magnetic isk that wobbles if you shake it.
26.A device that converts a soft copy into a hard copy.
27.Is a group of 8 bits.
1.It's a device that connects a computer to the internet via telephone line
2.The hardware uses its ____________ to store all the files and folders.
3.The place where you save your work on a computer.
4.Opposite of analogue.
7.The output devices in stereos or radios in cars.
8.It's a device that converts photos or prints into soft copy.
12.It's an application.
14.The building blocks of a network
16.It indicates the use of pictures (icons) and colours.
19.It is a container in the computer holding strong files.
20.A devices that produces drawings
22.It is a temporary area of memory. Stores short-term data and instructions.
24.The inserting of information into a computerised device.
27.The smallest unit of stored data that a computer can work with.

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