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Vocab Crossword Puzzle

By: Paul Labib

1     2      
3               4
5 6           7      
8               9
  10 11                  
12                   13    

1.The woman was attempting to __________ the screaming baby.
3.The family had an __________ look on their face after seeing what the horrid hurricane had done to their house.
6.The little boy had been spying on his __________ for a long time, preparing for war.
8.The lawyer spoke with great __________.
11.Some say that sleep is the best __________.
12.To show someone something is to __________ it for them.
15.A Republican and a Democrat may have a different __________.
16.The __________ mother was desperately trying to get dinner on the table.
17.Despite the many __________ the student was able to graduate from high school.
2.The secret agent agreed to __________ the secret mission.
4.The jury was not convinced that the man was guilty despite the lawyer's __________ argument.
5.The young girl felt a sense of __________ as she began to walk through the dark and dreary alleyway.
7.I __________ slapped the little boy for yelling at me in a rude manner.
9.The audience was tired by the end of the President's __________ speech.
10.There was a __________ of babies in the delivery room.
13.When someone yells at another person, they put __________ on their words.
14.A lion may __________ its prey's every move before attacking.

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