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Chemical Reactions

Adam Smasher

Review of the skills and concepts presented in the Chemical Reactions unit

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2.calcium phosphate + sodium chloride --> sodium phosphate + ?
10."Matter cannot be created nor ____ in a chemical reaction."
12.Enzymes are examples
14.hydrogen chloride + sodium hydroxide --> sodium chloride + ?
15.H2 is an example of one
16.A process in which new substances with new physical and chemical properties are formed
17.copper + iron (II) sulfate --> copper (II) sulfate + ?
18.Two ionic compounds switch their cations
23.NaCl(aq). This tells you that sodium chloride is a(n) ______ in the reaction
25.___H2 + ___NO --> __H2O + __N2 The coefficient that goes in front of N2
26.lithium + sulfur --> ?
29.A shorthand way of representing a chemical equation
30.It is possible to ____ the resulting products of a reaction given the reactants and knowing the reaction type.
31.Two substances react to form one complex substance
32.When the yield sign points in both directions, the reaction is said to be ____.
1.These types of reactions feel cold to the touch
3.Another term for chemical reaction
4.Chemical equations must be balanced in order to obey the ___.
5.The substances that are changed in a chemical reaction
6.A complex substance breaks down into simpler substances
7.These can never be changed when balancing a chemical equation
8.Energy is released
9.The number that are used to balance a chemical equation
11.__C7H16 + __O2 --> __CO2 + __H2O The coefficient that goes in front of O2
13.A free element replaces and sets free another element in a compound
19.hydrogen carbonate --> water + ?
20.A solid that forms when two aqueous solutions are mixed together
21.A hydrocarbon (CH) is burned in oxygen producing carbon dioxide and water
22.A branch of chemistry that deals with the relative quantities of reactants and products in a chemical reaction.
24.The substances that are formed from a chemical reaction
27.A comparison of moles in a chemical reaction. Usually in the form of a fraction.
28.What the coefficients in a balanced equation represent when solving stoichiometry problems.

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