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PRNU 213 - Exam 2

Dayyna Slawson

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6.Classification of Lasix (2 Words)
8.Abnormal state of complete or partial awareness of self or environment
11.Signs and symptoms of this type of shock are: Hyperventilation, hypoxia, respiratory acidosis, pulmonary hypertension, alteration in mental status.
15.Increases mitosis and protein synthesis in growing bones. (2 Words)
18.Stimulates osteoblasts and creates energy production from food.
20.Computer guided precision apparatus used to assist the surgeon to target a precise area of the brain. (2 Words)
22.Most common primary malignant neoplasms of bone and soft tissue; characterized by rapid growth within the medullary cavity of long bones. (2 Words)
24.Collection of blood resulting from bleeding between the dura and the inner surface of the skull. (2 Words)
25.Signs and symptoms of this type of shock are: Chest pain, third spacing of fluid, SOB, flushing, dizziness, pruritus.
28.Classification of Mannitol (2 Words)
39.Examination of the interior of a joint with an arthroscope.
40.Produce bone matrix during normal growth
41.A severe infection of the bone, bone marrow and surrounding soft tissue.
42.Grating sound as joint or bone moves
43.Neurological syndrome characterized by decreased reflexes, loss of sensation, flaccid paralysis below the level of injury. (2 Words)
44.Signs and symptoms of this type of shock are: tachycardia, hypotension, narrowed pulse pressure, cyanosis, pallor.
1.Manually pulling of the fractured bone (limb) to realign. (2 Words)
2.Acronym for the failure of two or more organ systems in an acutely ill client such that homeostasis cannot be maintain without intervention.
3.Out-pouching or dilation of the arterial wall.
4.Profound state of unconsciousness
5.Primary neoplasms of bone that is malignant and is characterized by rapid growth and metastasis (2 Words)
7.A common incontinent surgery for urinary diversion. (2 Words)
9.Collection of blood resulting from bleeding between the dura and the arachnoid layer of the meningeal covering of the brain. (2 Words)
10.Classification of Ramipril (2 Words)
12.90% of nephrons are destroyed and nonfunctioning. (4 Words)
13.Removal of the entire kidney
14.Stones located in the ureter
16.Realignment of a fractured bone after incision into the fractured site. (2 Words)
17.Rapid accumulation of toxic wastes from protein metabolism in the blood.
19.Paralysis and loss of sensation in the lower limbs and the trunk.
21.Increased accumulation of fluid in the extravascular spaces of brain tissue (2 Words)
23.Signs and symptoms of this type of shock are: Increase or decrease in temp, bradycardia, bladder dysfunction, decreased skin perfusion.
26.Classification of Metoprolol (2 Words)
27.Sudden transient mechanical head injury with disruption of neural activity and a change in the level of consciousness.
29.Benign tumour that arises in the cancellous ends of the long bones.
30.Tube inserted directly into kidney pelvis to drain urine
31.Diagnosis procedure where scope is inserted into the urethra to view the bladder.
32.Inflammation of the synovial tissue within the joint
33.Repair of a joint, also called joint replacement.
34.Use of sound, laser or dry shock waves to break stones.
35.Acronym for a systemic inflammatory response to infection, ischemia,infarct, and injury.
36.Reabsorb bone matrix when more calcium is needed in the blood.
37.Stones located anywhere in the urinary system.
38.Signs and symptoms of this type of shock are: Tachypnea, decreased urine output, anxiety, confusion, decreased stroke volume.

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