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KNES360 Lab 4 BL03

Alex Mueck & Patrick Detzner

Vocabulary relating to the Mountain of Motor Development.

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3.peak of the motor development mountain
6.the stage before walking and self-feeding
7.a characteristic of skillful movement
8.a characteristic of skillful movement
9.determined by environmental factors
10.the first test of a baby's reflexes
13.a characteristic of skillful movement
14.experience based
19.due to aging or injury
20.FMP is the ____ of the mountain
22.metaphor for motor development
23.the stage with the goal of applying motor behavior to a variety of situations
24.the time frame of motor development
25.first motor development period
1.the last phylogenetic stage
2.the answer to every question in motor development
4.elicited by no known external stimulus
5.species typical
11.reflexes are primitive patterns of ___
12.reflexes are ____ responses to stimuli
15.how skills build on each other
17.One must progress through stages of the mountain ____.
18.determined by genetic inheritance
21.pre-adapted stage starts when the baby expresses ___ movements

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