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How Accomplished Are You?

Beam, Seamans, and Ruiz-Legg

The puzzle is a combination of poetic terms, literary terms, and rhetorical terms.

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1.repetition of the same word, phrase, etc. at the beginning of the sentences, phrases, etc.
7.the association called up by a word that goes beyond its dictionary meaning
9.a song of triumph or thanksgiving
11.affirmation is made indirectly by denying its opposite with the effect of an understatement. "I am not averse to a cocktail."
13.a pair of rhymed lines that may or may not constitute a separate stanza in a poem
14.the dictionary meaning of the word
17.6 stanzas of six lines each and a concluding tercet. Six final words in each lines are repeated in different orders and all included in the tercet
19.two-syllable rhyme
21.adherence to the principals of Greek and Roman literature
22.a lyric poem that laments the dead
23.a poem that tells a story
25.the angle of vision from which a story is narrated (three words)
28.19 line poetic form consisting of 5 tercets followed by a quatrain
31.a love lyric in which speaker complains about the arrival of the dawn
34.the selection of words in a literary work
35.a character who contrasts and parallels the main character
36.a poem that is personal and emotional specifically
37.a figure of speech in which a closely related term is substituted for the object
38.a strong pause within a line of verse
2.a story or visual image with a second distinct meaning partially hidden by the literal
3.side by side comparison of two or more ideals, etc
4.the way in which an author chooses to join words into phrases, clauses, etc.
5.one-syllable rhyme
6.figure of speech in which opposing ideas are balanced against each other using grammatically parallel syntax
8.unrhymed iambic pentameter (two words)
10.a long narrative poem that records the life of the hero
12.speaker addresses an absent person or an inanimate object
15.a run-on line of poetry in which logical and grammatical sense carries over from one line to the next
16.the attitude the author/poet has toward his subject matter
18.unusually far-fetched or elaborate metaphor presenting a surprising apt parallel between two apparently dissimilar things or feelings
20.the use of a quotation at the beginning of a work that hints at its theme
24.word, phrase, etc to which a pronoun refers
26.poetry without a regular pattern of meter or rhyme
27.prevailing emotional attitude in a literary work- regret, hopefulness, bitternes, etc.
29.repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds in neighboring words
30.a humorous mocking imitation of a literary work, sarcastic, playful
32.any terse, witty, pointed saying- "She knows the cost of everything , but the value of nothing"
33.fourteen-line lyric poem in iambic pentameter

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