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Digital Literacy


This is a review of the digital literacy unit in BTT01.

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3.A small computer for individual use, priced anywhere between a few hundred and thousands of dollars.
4.A device or software that allows a computer to send information.
7.The ability to navigate, create and evaluate information using different types of digital technology. (2 Words)
8.An expansion board that enables computers to make sounds. (2 Words)
10.An external bus that supports data transfer rates of 12 mbps.
11.Type of optical disk capable of storing up to one gigabyte of data.
1.A mechanism that uses electromagnetic waves as a part of the process of reading and writing information to optical disks. (3 Words)
2.A system of servers that supports formatted documents in html. (3 Words)
5.The main circuit board of a microcomputer, containing connectors so you can attach additional boards.
6.A board that plugs into a computer to make it capable to display certain things. (2 Words)
9.Type of optical disk technology, holding a minimum of 4.7GB of data, enough for a full length movie.
12.Most common type of memory found in computers.

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