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Chris and James

Business class crossword puzzle!

1             2
3               4  
5       6    
  9     10    

1.It is owned by no one and you are able to exchange information.
3.Older style to transport memory without any internet/intranet connections.
5.External memory that holds reserves of files on the computer.
8.Compact disk that contains information.
9.Permanent Memory
10.Temporary Memory
11.Any part of a computer that has mass and volume.
12.Programs created with malicious intent that work off of other programs to wreak havoc on your computer.
2.Computer virus that disguises itself as a useful program. (2 Words)
4.A virus that is intented to scare the user into paying the creater of the virus, usually using a fake virus alert that requires you to pay money.
6.Compact external memory that can be used to easily transfer information without internet/intranet connections.
7.Non-physical aspect of a computer. (Programs, applications, etc.)

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