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btt digital literacy review

cody, nicole

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1.data entered into the computer to create the finished product.
3.when you enter the input the computer starts in order to showcase the information.
8.retains content even when the computer turns off.
10.the main circuit board of a computer.
12.a computer program that allows you to share information operational systems and computer services.
2.pretends to be a useful software.
4.arithmetic, control unit, storage unit are all in this unit.
5.computer programs that are put together with the hard ware to help the computer run efficiently.
6.a global system with many computer networks that use one big system interlinked to many small websites.
7.where the document in stored for the next time u want to use it.
9.a source in which a finished file can be put.
11.a dives that is able to hold memory in any random order.

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