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Science world


1 2
  4 5    
6                 7            
  8             9            
11     12             13  
14                       15 16
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  29                       30    
    31             32                  
    34 35  
36 37             38                          
39               40   41     42  

3.Formed from ground caves that that dissolve away
6.Mountains in Tibet
7.Plant that scientists will try to grow on the moon
8.Mineral that forms in evaporites rocks
9.How sound is measured
12.A greenhouse gas
14.Mineral that makes most of bedrock in Florida and Missouri
18.Energy from the sun
19.These have killedl 600,000 bats
20.Because snow leopards are so few, they are considered this
21.Sinkholes form where these substance are common in the bedrock
22.Chemical that tastes bad to frogs
24.The oldest prosthetic was of this body part
25.Worlds coldest continent
28.Molten rock
29.What scientists call the bedrock that has many underground cavities
31.Force that acts downward
32.Fans from Seattle started one of these
33.Force that slows down motion
37.Layer of solid rock underneath the soil
38.Because snow leopards are rarely seen they are called this
39.Capital of Syria
41.Hurricane that hit in 2012
43.This is underneath Antarctica
44.A fire product collector measures how much _______is released
1.Chemical released as a gas in chemical weapons
2.Illegally hunting animals
3.Fruit like name of a toxic frog
4.Type of map that shows depth and shape of underwater terrain
5.The ATF has a research lab in what state
10.Snow leopards wrap this around themselves to stay warm
11.State that is most sinkhole prone
13.Blinky the crab has this many eyes
15.One of the highest places in the world
16.What do tadpoles of poison frog eat this
17.Type of sinkhole where the ground sinks so slowly it may take years
18.Determines how much the driver's hands must move to turn the sled
23.Group of people helping to save the snow leopards
26.Besides water and soil and air, the other item in the container with the seeds
27.Tubelike structures that are only a billionth of a meter thick
30.Slowing force created by the flow of air
34.This most expensive gem cost $83,200,000
35.What has a decibel level of 30
36.To decrease intense vibrations
39.To decrease methane production scientists are looking at changing a cow's _____
40.Cheering fans can damag these body parts
42.Genetic material used for genetic fingerprinting

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