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Chapter 11 vocabulary quiz

Mr. Derrell

2                         3
5 6                    

2.a situation in which someone is harmed or killed indirectly, because of various social factors
6.punishment or fear of punishment can help prevent crime
7.the proposition that when two nations possess the ability to inflict nuclear damage on eachother, then neither nation is likely to use its nuclear weapons in the first place
8.a doubting and questioning attitude
9.the death penalty
10.restoring the social order by punishing wrongdoers
11.any increase in the number of nations that possess nuclear weapons or that have the capability to build them
1.one who for moral or religious reasons is opposed to serving in the military
3.a situation in which someone is physically harmed or killed by direct action
4.programs aimed at training and reforming wrongdoers so that they no longer commit crime
5.conflict-resolving techniques that do not rely on physical or psychological injury of an opponent

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