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MS Word 2010 Lesson 2 Formatting Glossary

Susan Smith

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1.useful in formatting document titles or headings. All letters are capitalized with the first letter of each word in taller capital lettering. (2 Words)
3.emphasize a word by darkening it
7.used to align and organize data into groups and subgroups
8.used to list items: numbers, for sequential lists; bullets, for non-sequential lists (3 Words)
9.enhances appearance and readability of a document by viewing/printing it in tall or wide mode (2 Words)
10.indicate book titles and other published work by slanting characters to the right
11.formatting tool used to apply global font formats to text
2.used in chemical definitions, powers in mathematics, and footnotes or source references. (3 Words)
4.indicates hyperlinks to web pages and should be saved for that use in most cases; places a line under selected text
5.indicates emphasis during pronunciation, as in the word resume (2 Words)
6.indicate new paragraphs and offset long quotes by moving text in from side margins

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