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Harriet Brent's The Loophole Of Retreat

Waleed Snoussi

Read your text! Know your Text! Understand your text!

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1.What was the title given to the American States that did not allow slavery? (2 Words)
6.To which state did Dr. Flint travel in order to find her? (2 Words)
7.Added to reading, What else did she learn in her very narrow place?
8.What is her aunt's name?
9.What word used to be given to refer to African Americans?
10.How many years was Harriet Brent Jacobs a slave? (2 Words)
13.What is the name of her son who talked to Dr. Flint rudely?
14.What is the thing through which she talked to her grandmother, aunt and uncle? (2 Words)
16.What is the name of her uncle?
17.What is the real name of Dr. Flint? (2 Words)
19.With which tool were the unfortunate slaves branded? (2 Words)
20.What did the cruel masters use to cut in order to prevent their unfortunate slaves from running away? (2 Words)
2.Which year did she become a free woman? (3 Words)
3.What adjective did she use to describe her future?
4.How many children did she have (that were mentioned in the text)?
5.What adjective did she use to describe her past?
11.What is the name of her daughter?
12.What is the title given to the people whose job is to catch slaves? (2 Words)
15.What tool did she use to dig the hole?
18.What name did she give to the crawling space she lived in?

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