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Mountain Of Motor Development

Lucas Chang

1 2
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3.The goal of the mountain is to progress towards an __________ motor skill
4.Term describing how one skill is built upon another
6.Skills that are learned genetically and occur from Reflexive through the Fundamental Motor Patterns
8.Term describing how skills takes years to Scale
9.Known as the fundamental skills that as key in one’s development of motor skills
12.Movements that do not have any sort of stimulus and occur at a young age for a child
14.One of two goals that shows the end of the Preadapted Period
15.Skills that are learned through experience and occur during the Context-specific to skillful period
18.One of the characteristics of the reflexive period which enable the infant to live
19.One of the independent goals of the Pre-adapted period that involves Hand-Eye Coordination
20.The term for when one is skillful and using the least energy, but accomplishing the most
1.Period that occurs from 3rd gestational period - 2 weeks post birth
2.Period that utilizes skills learned in the Fundamental Motor Pattern and applies them to different situations
4.Objects that get in the way of one climbing the mountain
5.One of the type of compensations that hinders one physically
6.The barrier that one will get stuck at if he/she does not completely learn the proper motor skills that occur at the fundamental motor period
7.Period that is affected by age-related constraints or Injury-induced constraints
10.When a stimulus elicits a stereotypical response
11.Term describing how one skill precedes another
12.Period that occurs at 11+ years of age
13.Period at that occurs from 2 weeks post birth to 1 year
16.This type of motor skill is one that requires compensation for
17.Metaphor for Motor Development
18.General Category of the none-specific characteristics in the preadapted period
19.This type of motor skill requires the coordination of small muscle movements within the body (ie: fingers) and is a characteristic of the Context-Specific Period

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