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Moutain of Motor Development

Martina Chandler and Ron Adato

Complete the crossword by filling in a word that fits each clue.

  2 3
    4       5                           6
7     8                          
12                         13 14          
    17 18                    
19     20                    

4.skill developed in the preadapted period that allows for mobility
8.due to injury or aging
9.developed in the Fundamental Motor Patterns period, used later in developing all types of motor skills
11.goals/rules that govern our movements
12.a stable trait or capacity of the individual that is a determinant of a person’s potential for the performance of specific skills
13.require context specific skills in order to be proficient, games with rules and implements
15.one of the three main characteristics of skillful movement, being able to change
17.activities or tasks that require voluntary movement to achieve a specific purpose or goal
19.diverse motor repertoire
20.complex environmental forces and/ or influences
22.occurs in the reflexive period, insures our ability to eat
23.a skill you must develop in the preadapted period that involves hand eye coordination
24.one of the three main characteristics of skillful movement, doing something with the same results/pattern
25.learning how to play tennis; required experience
1.efficiency, consistency, adaptability
2.basis for the metaphor of skillful motor development
3.involves smaller muscle groups, requires more precision
5.known as “the glass ceiling”
6.involves large muscle groups
7.the stage in which a human has the physical ability to reproduce
10.the genetics that contribute to our characteristics and skills
14.evolutionary perspective; needed for survival
16.one of the three main characteristics of skillful movement, doing maximum work with minimum expenditure
18.perform in a specific context-require experience; skills you've learned over time
21."open dialogue" with environment

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