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Make-up products and tools

Jayne Buchanan

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2.This powder is used by therapists to set the foundation and is very hygenic to use.
5.This cosmetic can be matt, cream, pearlised or glittery?
6.This cosmetic is sharpened before and after use to reduce the risk of cross infection.
8.Used by the therapist to prevent contact with the clients face once make-up is applied.
10.helps to give definiation to the eye area- Amy Winehouse was a big fan!
13.This concealer helps to hide dark circles
14.This helps to hide blemishes
15.This concealer helps to disguise redness
16.Helps to set the make-up
17.The material that a lot of foundation sponges are made of?
1.Creates the perfect base for make-up and hleps the make-up to last longer
3.This is used to hide or minimise a feature
4.This cosmetic can be clear or coloured but give a shiney wet look.
7.Helps to give the skin flawless appearance
9.This is used to draw attention to a feature
11.This helps to give the cheeks colour
12.A cosmetic used to stop lipstick bleeding into the fine lines around a mature clients mouth.
14.This product is used by clients to touch up their own make-up.

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