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History of Photograph: Up until the 1900's

Ms. Shelly

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2.created positive images by contact printing onto another sheet of paper. (3 Words)
5.He was a sculptor in London - Wet plate collodion photography was much cheaper than daguerreotypes, the negative/positive process permitted unlimited reproductions, and the process was published but not patented. (3 Words)
6.used to form images on walls in darkened rooms (2 Words)
10.Known for her romantic portraits of prominent people of the Victorian Era.(d.1879) (3 Words)
11.covers the American Civil War (2 Words)
13.The only woman in the Berlin DADA group, working exclusively on Photo-Montage. (d. 1978) (2 Words)
15.positive images on glass
1.James Clerk-Maxwell (3 Words)
3.settles "do a horse's four hooves ever leave the ground at once" (2 Words)
4.accidental creation of the first photosensitive compound. (3 Words)
7.Thomas Wedgwood makes by placing opaque objects on leather treated with silver nitrate (2 Words)
8.positive images on metal
9.1871, Richard Leach Maddox, an English doctor, proposes the use of an emulsion of gelatin and silver bromide on a glass plate (3 Words)
12.George Eastman
14.combines the camera obscura with photosensitive paper; creates a permanent image

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