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PSYA2 Social Influence

Mr Blakeley

Everything about Social Influence

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1.Research design used by Milgram
5.When somebody has genuine power or expertise
8.In Milgram's study, the wall and the payment of $4 are examples of what?
12.Research method used by Hofling
13.The drug used in Hofling's study
15.Must be shown by a minority or the majority will consider them to be unreasonable
17.Studied conformity in 1932
20.Studied minority influence using green-coloured card
23.Somebody who is on your side - helpful in resisting obedience
24.The kind of person who responds well to orders
25.Location of the original Milgram study
26.Sampling method used by Milgram
2.Suffragette who was killed by the king's horse
3.Psychological debate addressed by Milgram (_________ vs ____________)
4.Important in ensuring an issue is being discussed
6.When the views of the minority infiltrate those of the majority, but where the majority forgets the source
7.Schultz's hotel study demonstrated what aspect of conformity?
9.The orders go up in steps - e.g. 15V increases in Milgram's study
10.Studied the effect of NSI on smoking in the teens of Montana
11.Factor which can affect obedience - i.e. how prestigious it is
14.When a social movement gains momentum - usually by word of mouth
16.Percentage of Asch's trials which showed conformity - participant gave same wrong answer
18.How much a person considers their situation to be down to their actions, or due to luck and the actions of others
19.Actors in an experiment
21.Alternative name for ecological validity
22._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of the task - aids resistance to conformity

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