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Cellular Respiration

Mrs. VH

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1.in the intermediate stage, pyruvic acid loses CO2 and combines with this molecule
6.the final electron acceptor in the ETC
7.pyruvic acid moves to this organelle for the citric acid cycle
13.occurs in the cytoplasm and breaks down glucose
15.this is produced because of the difference in charge across the mitochondrion membrane
19.series of reactions that will take the acetyl CoA to form CO2, NADH and ATP
20.oxygen is required
21.there are three of these produced during one turn of the CAC
22.when oxygen react with 4 H+ it forms two molecules of this
23.which membrane does the ETC occur in
2.NADH and FADH2 are examples of these types of molecules
3.number of ATP molecules needed to start glycolysis
4.the inner membrane becomes positively charged because of a buildup of these ions
5.some of the energy form the ETC is used to make this molecule
8.type of molecules in the membranes that pass the electrons
9.during glycolysis, glucose first breaks down into 2 of these molecules
10.glucose is broken down into 2 3-c molecules of this
11.number of carbons in glucose
12.besides NAD+, the other electron carrier in the CAC
14.the citric acid cycle is also called this
16.the molecule formed from coenzyme A and pyruvic acid
17.no oxygen is required
18.the number of ATP produced in the ETC

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