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Alphabet Agencies

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3 4   5      

3.employed and paid at least 8.5 million people and built thousands of roads, bridges, schools, post offices, & other contraction projects
5.employed and paid 4 million people for construction jobs such as repairing schools, laying sewer pipes, & building roads
8.Supported households each month and funded thousands of work projects for the unemployed
9.tried to stop the loss of indian lands & encouraged native American tribes to preserve their native crafts & traditions
10.created to serve as a federal "watchdog" administrative agency
11.created to promote economic recovery by ending wage & price deflation & restoring competition
12.provided more than 4.5 million jobs for the youth
13.Paid farmers for not planting crops
14.created to insure bank customers against the loss of up to $5,000their deposits if their bank should fail
15.gave low-cost loans to farm cooperatives to bring power into their communities
1.(Also called the Wagner Act) created the National Labor Relations Board to organize & collectively bargain with employers
2.created to stimulate the building industry by providing small loans for home construction
4.created both to for industrial recovery & unemployment relief
5.Took unmarried men and sent them into the woods & fields to plant trees, build parks, etc.
6.A comprehensive federal agency created for the economic development of the Tennessee River Watershed
7.created to aid sharecroppers by setting up temporary housing
8.Set a minimum wage and maximum hour standards
10.established to administer a national pension fund for retired persons

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