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Electrical Power Use

Marty Bergoffen

Demonstrates mastery of modern electrical power use.

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6.Generate electricity from how water inside the earth.
7.Volts x Amperes
10.Power from stored water.
12.Electricity takes the easiest path to the ___________.
14.Lightbulbs that are more efficient than incandescent.
17.Using something for our needs, but leaving enough for future generations.
19.Converts one voltage to another
20.Plant these near your house to conserve energy and keep cool.
23.Unit of voltage
24.The plastic coating on a wire, OR, retains heat or cool air in your house.
25.Unit of current
1.Kill fish in a dam by chopping them up.
2.Caused by too many devices in one outlet, or a short circuit.
3.Oil, Coal, Natural gas.
4.Unit of power
5.A highly conductive metal used in transformers.
8.Energy from the sun.
9.Modern windows that save energy.
11.Safety device, switches off if too much current flows in a circuit.
13.Moving air around your house.
15.The most efficient fossil fuel.
16.More of this resource can be created easily.
18.A light metal used for long-distance power lines.
21.A good color to paint your roof.
22.A tiny filament that blows out if too much current flows.

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