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Classroom Studio March 1st half 2014


1 2 3
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            37 38 39
  40                   41         42        
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47                     48    
    50               51        

4.That movie does have a lot of action, but try looking in the thriller ___ .
6.___s were placed on the roads to make way for the parade.
8.I am reading a ___ing adventure story about a lost boy in Africa.
10.The people ___ed when the villain appeared.
12.The company gives half of its ___s to people in need.
13.After Karen argued with her boss, she was ___ed from her job.
16.Michelle enjoys taking ___ of group projects, so her classmates enjoy being in her group.
19.A very ___ artist painted a beautiful picture of my sister.
20.The store owner thanked his ___ for their good work.
22.You can borrow the movie on one ___: you must bring it back next week.
25.We found a ___ for our wedding nearly a year before its date.
28.___ of the national debt has never been higher.
31.The man ___ (past tense) with fear when the lion jumped at him.
34.Like other famous novelists, Donna Tartt doesn't enjoy living in the ___.
35.My grandmother ___s all the help we've given her around the house since her fall.
40.My daughter is only 10, so she is still in ____ school.
41.Good ___ is important because it helps your body fight life-threatening diseases.
45.Do we have enough money to cover all our ___s?
46.Mr. Jackson lives his life with ___. He's always honest about what he can and cannot do.
47.Many agree that Dr. Clark is the ___ expert in biology now.
48.Our plane will take ___ at 7:30 a.m., so don't be alte.
50.I hope I'll get the ___ to work at your company. It sounds great!
52.If you want to take pictures of the monuments, you'll have ___ opportunity this afternoon.
53.Ted's hard work has helped his business ___.
54.Tom's aunts, uncles and other ___s came to the party.
55.The public should ___-mindedly follow news about celebrities. They should learn about current events.
1.The rich man lives in a ___ palace near a lake.
2.Josh ate a lot of wonderful food at the ___.
3.He took his ___ of food and went to find his friends to eat lunch.
5.Water is ___ for life
7.Those roses usually ___ from the end of May to the middle of July.
9.When Luke asked me to help him study, I ___d because I was very busy.
11.The thief was ___d to three years in jail.
14.There is one ___ kind of breakfast food I like.
15.The baby didn't get enough sleep last night, so he feels ___ and is crying a lot.
17.Violet ___d Amber of eating all of the cookies.
18.The judge ___ed the man to die.
21.Some people search for ___, but then they don't want it after they become famous.
23.It's best to keep your dog on a leash so it doesn't run into the road.
24.Rex thinks that Robert Downey Jr. gave a flawless performance in Iron Man 3.
26.Many students dropped out of Mrs. Higgins' class because of their ___ it would be tough to pass.
27.This an ___ difficult decision to make.
29.___ of how well Allen sings tonight, the club manager will still pay him $100.
30.There is a big tree outside Rick's bedroom. Every morning when He wakes up, he hears birds ___.
31.Our class has a trip planned, but we need to raise ___s to pay for it.
32.The king's ___ included many countries.
33.Emma looked ___ at the present and asked, "Is that for me?"
36.We will have a big ___ for Mom's 80th birthday.
37.Teenagers today feel a lot of ___ to do what their friends are doing.
38.Salt is an example of a familiar ___ that many people use daily.
39.Photography is Laura's ___ . She takes pictures all the time.
42.Mike thought he would enjoy working on a newspaper, but after a year in the ___es, he changed careers.
43.Those four guys have been ___ing in a band since their high school days.
44.Most of my father's views are ___ to my mother's opinions.
49.Place all of your books in your ___ before going to the cateferia.
51.The new operating system has a few ___s that are hard to fix.

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