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Classroom Studio March 8~ 14


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1.If you want to take pictures of the monuments, you'll have ___ opportunity this afternoon.
3.Violet ___d Amber of eating all of the cookies.
7.___s were placed on the roads to make way for the parade.
8.After Karen argued with her boss, she was ___ed from her job.
9.Our plane will take ___ at 7:30 a.m., so don't be alte.
11.Good ___ is important because it helps your body fight life-threatening diseases.
12.The thief was ___d to three years in jail.
17.Ted's hard work has helped his business ___.
18.Emma looked ___ at the present and asked, "Is that for me?"
19.The store owner thanked his ___ for their good work.
20.When Luke asked me to help him study, I ___d because I was very busy.
21.The judge ___ed the man to die.
2.The king's ___ included many countries.
4.Salt is an example of a familiar ___ that many people use daily.
5.Josh ate a lot of wonderful food at the ___.
6.The man ___ (past tense) with fear when the lion jumped at him.
10.The baby didn't get enough sleep last night, so he feels ___ and is crying a lot.
13.Do we have enough money to cover all our ___s?
14.The company gives half of its ___s to people in need.
15.It's best to keep your dog on a leash so it doesn't run into the road.
16.You can borrow the movie on one ___: you must bring it back next week.

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