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2.Attempts to explain why there are no intermediate links in the fossil record.
4.Structural homology, Cambrian Explosion and ___ ___ provide evidence against microevolution.
7.Influenced Darwin with his theory of survival of the fittest
8.The hypothesis that processes similar to those at work in microevolution can, over eons of time, transform an organism into a completely different kind of organism
12.Distinct layers of rock
13.The study of similar structures in different species.
14.The study of fossils
16.Two creatures that macro evolutionists claim are ______ links are Archaeopteryx and Lucy.
17.Four ways bacterium can become resistant to an antibiotic? Conjugation, transformation, mutation, and ______.
1.The idea that each individual species on the planet was specially created by God and could never fundamentally change
3.Preserved remains of once-living organisms
5.Influenced Darwin with this theory of the present is the key to the past
6.The data set that provides inconclusive evidence for macroevolution.
9.The fact that representatives of all major animal phyla can be found in some of the lowest sedimentary rock in the geological column is often referred to as the ____ ______.
10.The theory that natural selection can, over time, take an organism and transform it into a more specialized species of that organism
11.Consider a fish population that is trying to survive under conditions of extremely cold water. If, over several generation, the fish develop thicker fat layers under their skin for better insulation, is this an example of microevolution or macroevolution?
15.Neo-Darwinism adds information to the genetic code by ______.

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