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Intro to Genetics

Mrs. Roberts

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2.the specific location of a gene on a chromosome
8.the exchange of chromosome segments between homologous chromosomes during Prophase I
9.the mating of two organisms
10.the second generation from the p-generation
11.grid system for predicting all the possible genotypic results from given parental genotypes
13.alternate forms of a gene that may occur at a specific locus
15.crosses examining the inheritance of only one trait
20.both alleles are dominant and expressed with uppercase letters
23.one allele is dominant and the other is recessvie; expressed as one uppercase and one lowercase
25.the division of sister chromatids
27.a cross between an organism of unknown genotype and an organism with the recessive phenotype
28.having more than 5 fingers or toes
29.both alleles are recessive and expressed with lower case letters
30.the separation of sister chromatids that move to opposite sides of the cell
31.the allele that is expressed when at least one is present
1.genetically uniform and always produces the same thing
2.allele pairs separate independently of each other during gametogenesis
3.Mendel's 1st law that states that an individual will inherit 2 copies of each gene which will separate out during Meiosis to different gametes
4.the allele that can only be expressed if both are recessive
5.the first generation from the p-generation
6.an inherited characteristic
7.duplicated copies of DNA held together by centromeres
12.the study of how traits are inherited
14.genes located close together on the same chromosome and tend to be inherited together
16.a mixture of different genes that do not always produce the same traits in successive offspring
17.the division of homologous chromosomes
18.Lining up in the middle of homologous chromosomes
19.crosses that examine the inheritance patterns of two traits
21.the allele combination; the genetic makeup of specific genes
22.the physical expression of a trait; its appearance
24.a segment of DNA code that holds the instructions for how to build a specific protein; represented on a karyotype as bands or stripes
26.all of an organism's genes on it's DNA

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