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Solutions Puzzle (Ch. 15/16)

Mr. Freeman

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  5   6        
7               8  
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2.the process where ions become surrounded by solvent particles
3.percent by __ of a solution is the ratio of the mass of the solute to the mass of the solution
6.ionic compounds and __ covalent compounds dissolve in water
7.a(n) __ solution has water as the solvent
14.the __ of a solution is a measure of the amount of solute dissolved in a given quantity of solvent
16.since a water molecule is polar, the hydrogen atoms have a slight __ charge
18.nonpolar solvents such as __ dissolve nonpolar compounds
19.shaking or stirring
21.solutions are __ mixtures
22.the dissolving medium in a solution
23.solute particles can be atoms, ions, or __
1.the number of moles of solute dissolved in one liter of solution
2.the smaller particles in granulated sugar expose a much greater __ __ to the colliding water molecules (2 wds) (2 Words)
4.agitation does not influence the __ of solute that will dissolve, just the rate at which it dissolves
5.if a solute is ionic, it __ (splits into its ions) in the solvent
8.the more rapid motion of the solvent molecules leads to an increase in the frequency of the force of the __ between water molecules and the surfaces of the sugar crystals.
9.a solution that contains a relatively large amount of solute
10.at higher __, the kinetic energy of water molecules is greater, so the molecules move faster
11.a substance that does not dissolve is called a(n) __ substance
12.the dissolved particles in a solution
13.a solution that contains a relatively small amount of solute
15.since a water molecule is polar, the oxygen atom has a slight __ charge
17.if the solute is molecular, it __ in the solvent
20.percent by __ of a solution is the ratio of the volume of solute to the volume of solution

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