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Mythology Origins Test Review

Mr. DeRubis (is awesome)

1 2 3   4
5     6     7        
  9     10         11   12      
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  21   22         23       24  
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  30               31                
  32 33                      
34 35           36          
        37     38          
40               41          
42             43                      

3.The war between the Titans and the Gods lasted _____ years
5.Home to King Minos and the Minotaur
7.Served as a role model for the rule of mortal kings
9.Immortal craftsmen for Zeus; had one large wheel-shaped eye
11.Used by Cronus to defeat his father at nightime
13.A story within a story (moral message)
15.Youngest of the Titans
16.Ancient King of Mycenae who was a major player in the Trojan War
19.Where gods swear their oath in Greek Mythology
22.The war between the Titans and the Gods
25.The birthplace of the Olympics
27.What Cronus ate instead of his 6th child
30.The study of causes
31.Where Typhon is (supposedly) buried
33.Only _____ women could attend the Olympics
35.Athena defeated his god to win the honor of Athens
37.Olympic games for women
40.The first Olympic event
41.Cronus' wife and Zeus' mother
42.Gaea's lover and son; the starry sky
43.Home to the Gods in Greek Mythology
1.What Cronus ate instead of his 5th child
2.Ruler of Mt Olympus and leader of the Greek Gods
4.The ancient Greek Olympics featured _____ male competitors.
6.Primordial God: The underworld
8.City founded by Perseus under a mushroom
10.Sculpture located at the entrance to the city of Mycenae
12.Threw up his children that he had ingested after drinking a potion
14.A citadel or fortified part of an ancient Greek city, typically built on a hill.
17.The study of stories
18.What Typhon removed from Zeus to defeat him
20.Advised Zeus to hide in animal form from Typhon
21.Product of Gaea + Tartarus
23.The number of Typhon's heads
24.Hundred Handed Giants
26.Sea god
28.Famous dragon/serpent killed by Apollo
29.Part of the famous acropolis of Athens
32.Founded Athens (before it was Athens)
34.Primordial God: Love
36.A young woman who can predict the future
38.Known for experimenting with Democratic political system
39.Earth Mother

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