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Nutrition test


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2.Mineral that helps with bone growth and density
5.Starchy foods are this type of carb
6.A substance that provides nourishment for essential growth
7.Tyoe of reaction supported by drinking water
11.Organ that produces insulin
17.Body part that is lubricated from drinking the water your body needs
19.Good cholesterol
20.Your body is made up of 50-70 % of this
23.Product removed by the ability to drink adequate amounts of H2O
24.Body function maintained by fat
25.Bad cholesterol
27.Fat is stored to supply this type of demand
1.Water soluble vitamins
3.Protein with 9 essential amino acids
4.Carries sugar to cells
8.This nutrient can be either quick energy or stored energy
9.Vitamin helps with maintaining vision, strong bones and skin
10.Protein with 13 amino acids
12.Vitamin helps to fight off disease
13."Sugars" such as candy, sweets are a type of this carb
14.Any meat that can swim or fly contains this fat
15.This mineral helps with coronary heart disease & muscle cramps
16.Vitamin helps the body use protein
18.Red meat contains this type of fat
21.Fat soluble vitamins
22.Vitamin protects your cells from too much oxygen
26.Vitamin that helps with koagulation (blood clotting)

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