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PSYA3: Biorhythms and sleep - Simplified

Mr Blakeley

Questions concerning the entire Biorhythms and Sleep chapter - The number in brackets refers to the page number which may help

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3.(14) Section of the hypothalamus which acts as primary oscillator in maintaining the sleep-wake cycle
11.(24) Being unable to sleep for a long time (usually months of difficulty)
12.(26) A fancy term for sleepwalking
14.(22) If you're asleep, you're more likely to be eaten. What is this called?
18.(25) Factors which make one more vulnerable to a condition
20.(22) The need to replenish after your efforts in the day (more common in warm-blooded animals)
22.(10) Hormone which regulates the sleep-wake cycle: causes sleepiness
24.(21) American DJ who went without sleep for 201 hours
26.(26) Man who killed his father, reportedly during an episode of sleepwalking
27.(NA) 52-year-old man who could no longer sleep and who died of a fatal lung infection
29.(10) Hormone connected with stress and arousal which is produced on a circadian cycle
30.(12) Rhythms which go in cycles of less than 24 hours
1.(NA) The genetic condition of being completely unable to sleep
2.(27) The theory which ties together arguments from both the nature and nurture side of the debate
4.(20) Type of sleep which Oswald claimed was important in repairing the body
5.(23) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Scale - how close two animals are genetically
6.(10) Rhythms which go in cycles of around 24 hours
7.(14) Part of the brain which excretes hormones related to the sleep-wake cycle
8.(25) Adversely affected by sleep deprivation - responsible for fending off viruses and bacteria
9.(15) Exogenous zeitgeber accidentally included in Siffre's cave study - Boivin proved that this alone could entrain the internal body clock
10.(23) Type of sleep involving just one half of the brain
12.(16) Jobs which require working at hours which are different to the standard 9-5
13.(12) Rhythms which go in cycles of more than 24 hours
15.(NA) Something we can't do with animal research data
16.(22) The act of searching for food - the more time you need to spend doing this, the less time you have to sleep
17.(15) Species of animal used by DeCoursey
19.(18) Age at which lifestyle first starts to affect sleeping patterns as much as hormonal changes
21.(21) When you go without dream sleep for a night, the following night's sleep will be high in this type of sleep. What is this over-compensation called?
23.(26) Neurotransmitter involved in narcolepsy
25.(19) Problems with this gland can cause disruptions to the sleep of older gentlemen - due to the need to urinate several times in the night
26.(16) When travelling, people often experience sleeping problems as a result of this
28.(12) The stage of sleep in which dreaming occurs

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