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Giving Them The Business...

Stuart Gedal

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2.Bad behavior in an athletic event or during team activities.
4.All of the income that a company receives is called ____________________________. (2 words, no spaces, no hyphen)
8.A formal agreement in writing between two businesses or between a business and an employee.
10.The agreement to have a sponsor give its company name to a stadium or an arena gives the sponsor _________ rights
11.Your contract says that no other business will be allowed to do what you do. This is the right of _________________________.
14.The chance (risk) of other people to get your money or property in court if you do something wrong.
15.Where a soccer game is played (UK).
16.All of the owners of a company or a team are related. The company or team is ________________. (two words, no spaces, no hyphen)
1.The money a business gets to keep after all of its expenses and taxes are paid. (two words, no spaces, no hyphens).
3.What does the abbreviation "CFO" mean? (three words, no spaces, no hyphens)
5.Where a baseball game is played (USA).
6.In a negotiation, the request of one business to another is called __________________ (two words, no spaces, no hyphens)
7.How many fans can fit in a stadium is the stadium's ____________________.
9.In a negotiation, the response to the request one of the businesses by the other(s) is called ___________________ (2 words, no spaces, no hyphens)
12.A limit on how much a team is allowed to pay its players in one year. (two words, no spaces, no hyphens).
13.The exclusive right to use a design, a machine, music, art, or written words to make money.

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