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Blizzard Bag 2

Jayden Baker

blizzard bag 2

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3.Property of a mineral that describes how it reflects light.
6.Type of rock formed when heat and pressure change the properties of rock.
9.A rock rich in valuable minerals that can be removed from Earth's crust.
10.A process that recycles rock into new types of rock.
12.Used to identify a mineral and includes color, luster, hardness, streak, cleavage, and shape.
13.The color of the powder that a mineral leaves when it is scratched across a special plate.
15.A rock made of mostly quarts
18.A natural, non-living, solid crystal that makes up rocks.
19.A very soft but valuable mineral
1.You use it in a charcoal fire
2.A common mineral used for tools
3.A mineral used in blue jewlery
4.A mineral you walk on every day
5.Type of rock that forms when layers of sediments settle on top of one another and harden
7.A three-dimensional shape with flat surfaces.
8.Rocks contain many valuable ___________________.
11.Hot, molten rock that reaches Earth's surface.
14.Very tough expensive mineral.
16.Type of rock that forms from molten rock.
17.Hot, molten rock that forms deep underground

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