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Candaian Independence & Quebec Independence Movement

Noelia Velez & Jessica McDonald

Helps you learn about Canada & Quebec Independence Have fun learning!! Lesson 14 & 15 in the purple CRCT book!

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4.A part of Canada where most of the French people living there want to be their own country
5.In 1837, Candians began to rebel against _______ control
7.This war began in 1914, the British and their allies fought against Germany and its allies
9.The abbreviation of " British North American Act"
10.July 1,1867 is called __________ because that's the day that they gained their independence
1.A powerful fur trading company that controlled a vast region of land stretching from the Hudson Bay all the way to the Rocky Mountains
2.The _______ conquered Quebec
3.Gave French Canadians the right to continue practicing Catholicism and allowed French Civil Law
6.Is the capital of Canada
8.Enough money to build ________ across the country

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