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1 2 3
5             6
    7     8                
  9       10  
11 12                    

5.Everyone went there to ask the oracle questoins
7.how many names are there for god?
9.The king of the gods. uses lightning bolts
12.a story within a story
13.The study of stories traditions and beliefs associated with particular groups of people
15.The citadel of the city Athens
16.mother earth, first to be worshiped.
1.Received the helmet of invisibility
2.Was punished by the Gods to hold the sky for all of eternity
3.Patron god of the city of Athens. Gave Athens the Olive tree
4.the total of major gods (minus Hades)
6.The home of Greek gods
8.the study of causes
10.A man used for reproduction and then later sacrificed
11.What place had the statue of Zeus that was made of gold and ivory.
14.the god of the seas

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