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Supernatural Episode 1.08

by Holliewood Hollie

Words, Names & Phrases from Supernatural Episode 1.08 - Bugs

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3.The night the moon and the sun share the sky as equals
6.Episode Directed by
7.What did Sam find in the sinkhole?
10.Where was Matt putting his insect boxes when they were packing to move?
11.Name of the Native American man Sam and Dean go to see in Sapulpa.
14.What did Dustin say he broke when he fell in the hole?
15.Housing development where the episode takes place
17.Sam read that the newspaper said Dustin Burwash supposedly died from Creutzfeldt-Jakob, which is the human equivalent of what disease?
18.According to Dean, what is an important skill?
19.Matt's "pet" he used to try to scare Lynda
1."We accept homeowners of any race, religion, color, or ____."
2.What was Lynda attacked by in her shower?
4.Larry, Joanie & Matt (last name)
5.What does Matt find crawling in the backyard?
7.What does Dean use to set fire to the bugs inside the house.
8.What was eating through the wood?
9.What did Dean say he wanted to try in the house?
12.State where the episode takes place.
13.What attacked them in the attic?
16.What does Dean pull out the hole with all the worms in it.

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