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The Mountain of Motor development

Morgan Edey, Matt Gable, Art Litvak, Nicole Sneed.

Terms related to the Mountain of Motor Development.

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4.Catching a ball is likely to occur during this part of one of the manipulation stages during the Fundamental Motor Skill Period. (2 Words)
7.A bunt in baseball is an example of. (2 Words)
9.being able to do a skill at a high level over and over again.
10.Motor abilities common to a species.
11.Motor skills unique to the individual.
14.being able to perform at a high level even with changes in environmental or task constraints.
15.is a rate limiter on the Mountian. (2 Words)
18.Gravity is an example of what kind of constraint?
20.motor skills developed WITHOUT intent to develop a certain skill.
21.the amount of mental thought that has to be achieve for a certain action to occur is known as ______ load
22.The act of self-propulsion, ex. Running, jumping.
23.a form of dexterity play or performance, in which one physically interacts with an object. (2 Words)
24.how long an individual is in a certian stage.
1.10,000 hours of practice. Top of the mountain of motor development.
2.Reflexive, Pre-adapted, Fundamental Motor Skills, Context Specific and Skillful are all stages of this. (4 Words)
3.is one of the classses of movement along with locomiton and manipulation (was an example performed in class)
4.Throwing a ball is an example of. (2 Words)
5.Dr. Jane Clark uses this figure of speech in her interview to compare motor development to climbing a mountain.
6.structural and functional pertain to what kind of constraint?
8.a period where you learn to hone skills geared towards a certain task. (2 Words)
12.Development is a process in which one step leads to the next step.
13.injury or age determined caused by individual constraints.
16.Step on the mountain of motor development that deals with voluntary movement and is mostly constrained by the environment.
17._________behaviors that are a response to a stimulus or first step on the mountain of motor development.
19.Scoring a goal in soccer without the use of hands can be seen as what kind of constriant?

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