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Rocky Shores Ecosystem Puzzle I

Ms. B. Jones

Puzzle with key words and definitions related to the Rocky Shores Ecosystem.

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    9 10   11 12
        13 14                

1.A sea animal that eats algae
4.Using light to warn, blind, or mislead or scare a predator
7.Area of the tidal zone that is always covered in water
8.Five Armed Predator
14.Amount of salt in seawater
15.A very small plant
16.An intertidal zone with consisting of a rocky depression filled with seawater
1.The process which allows green plants to make food
2.Way to hide from predators using colors and shapes in the environment
3.An animal that hunts and eats other animals
5.An organism composed of a fungi and an algae
6.Process of removing water
7.Upper reaches of the Rocky Shores that is almost always exposed to air
9.Another word for food
10.A shelled animal that filters seawater for food
11.An organism with two shells
12.Rising and Falling of the Sea
13.A turbulent zone where water constants moves

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