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Mrs. Hohl

Review of Ch. 25

1 2 3 4         5
  6   7          
9         10    
    11       12
      16   17  
      19 20    
21   22         23          
      24             25        
    30   31           32      

4.Over half of India's land is _____________________.
7.Leader nicknamed the "Tiger'".
8.______________________ monsoons bring heavy rains.
9.Largest minority religion of India.
13.These heavily influence India's climate.
14.India's large _________________________ often overwhelms services.
15.Most geographers and economists describe India as a __________________ country.
18.The Ganges joins this to form a large delta in Bangladesh.
21.Mumbai's nickname.
24.This mountain range forms one edge of the Deccan Plateau. (2 Words)
26.The Great Indian Desert is also known as the ____________________ desert.
27.Major language of India.
28.India and ____________________ feud over the Kashmir region.
30.Not viewed as part of India's caste system.
33.Summer monsoons begin in ________________________.
34.Traditional clothing for women.
35.All the gods of a religion.
36.India contains the world's 4th largest reserve of this resource.
37.A highly developed civilization in the Indus Valley.
1.Celebration of spring and the triumph of good over evil.
2.Positive or negative force caused by a person's actions.
3.The ___________________ is an important to India's economy, religion, and transportation.
5._________________________ arrived in India in the late 1490s.
6.More than 70% of people live here.
10.Aryans were warlike and _____________________________. (2 Words)
11.India is the world's most populous _________________________.
12.This lasts from November through March (2 Words)
16.India's highest point.
17.A subcontinent is a very large _________________ that is smaller than a continent.
19.A group born into a certain position in society.
20.Basis of India's economy
22.The ______________________ of sepoys convinced Britain to rule India directly.
23.India is successful in attracting __________________ businesses.
25.Led the independence movement in India.
27.India's main religion.
29.The newer part of the Deccan plateau is made up of layers of ___________________.
31._____________________________ is a memorial to Shah Jahan's wife. (2 Words)
32.Priests and intellectuals belong to this caste.

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