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P.E. Crossword

Mr Kenyon

1 2 3 4     5   6 7
  8         9 10                 11        
12         13     14           15   16    
    18                   19     20     21      
22     23                      
    24             25   26
27                 28        
    29         30                      
32           33     34              
    35           36              
  38         39            
41                 42          
    43         44  
45           46 47        
    50     51  

4.you need thses to keep your feet when it's when
8.one of englands cricket grounds
9.name of a group of different events or activities
11.a tennis serve that is out
12.you score sixes by hitting the ball over this
14.another name for a referee
16.way of scoring in a certain sport
18.where england play home rugby games
20.you hit this over a net
23.could be city or united
24.you use this to smooth the sand in the pit
27.number of players in a rugby union team
29.you need this for hockey
30.you use this to measure
32.number of players in a football team
34.you could use the 'flop' to do this
35.you have to keep the ball off the ground in this sport
37.you can score from one of these in rugby and football
38.a way of playing the ball in badminton, tennis and volleyball
39.some players where gloves in this sport
41.like a spear
42.all players where gloves in this sport
43.the person who crosses the finish line first
45.scoring in football
47.normally includes 16 people, 8 from each team
48.a short race that is run as fast as possible
49.a type of jump that's an event
50.lionel isn't tidy
53.you use the words love and deuce when you score this sport
54.number of players on court in a volleyball team
1.where the cup final is held
2.crickets freddie
3.number of players on court at any time for a basketball team
5.sounds like something to do with talking, but you throw it
6.this is used in striking and fielding
7.the person who says go
10.competition involving many teams
13.people who try and score
15.the person who delivers the ball in cricket
17.running with the ball in some sports
19.you score in a hoop in this sport
21.the old hop step and jump
22.referees use these
25.mr palin supports them
26.happens every 4 years
28.someone who stops the opposition scoring
31.used to put a ball on in a particular sport
33.Bobby Charlton played this sport
36.two of these play at the same time in a striking and fielding sport
39.you play racquet sports on these
40.object used in many sports
44.Johnny Wilkinson plays this sport
45.you have caddies in this sport
46.a way of playing the ball in volleyball
47.bowlers try and hit these
51.used to go down hill on snow
52.you need a good one of these to win at many sports

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