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Animal Science study guide


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6.This pig is a white breed with erect ears
7.Noted for long horns that curve upward and spread to four feet or more
8.red body with a white face, socks, and underline
10.these pigs have white bodies with long, droopy ears
13.Solid white with black skin
15.5/8 Shorthorn 3/8 Brahman
17.These white pigs with large drooping ears that cover the eyes
18.Red, white, or roan are various colors; produce desirable carcass. dual purpose breed (meat/milk)
1.The black and white bodied pigs may have a white nose, tail and feet. They have medium-sized, droopy ears
2.These black bodied pigs have six white points, including their nose, tail and feet. They have erect shorts ears
3.red body with a white face, socks, and underline with no horns
4.a group of animals that have certain traits in common
5.Solid Black no horns no hump on the shoulders
9.Noted for hump over shoulders, large drooping ears, and loose skin under neck
11.These white-bodied pigs have black spots and medium sizes, droopy ears
12.5/8 Angus 3/8 Brahman
13.solid white with white (Pink) skin
14.These black hogs have white belts across the shoulders, covering the front legs around the body
16.This pig is red bidied with large droopy ears. well known for high quality meat.

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