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Photography Crossword

By Koren Thomas

1         2    
3               4
6                 7            
        9 10
12 13        

1.their chemistry is changed when light strikes these
3.second stage of developing film
6.the top layer of black and white film
8.the amount difference between light and dark areas
11.where you go to develop pictures protecting them from damaging light
14.degrees of light sensitivity of film
15.the most important part of the camera
2.layer of film that keeps that absorbs light and keeps it from reflecting back
4.the first chemical used to develop film
5.a technique to properly place the object of focus in any shot
7.to see how many pictures you've taken and have left on a film strip
9.the final stage when developing film
10.type of film used in class
12.the chemical used to fixate the image onto the film
13.each is either half or 2 times the size as the next

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