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Computer Terminology

Julia De Thomasis, 7 Gold

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2.Any work you create and save with a computer is stored into computers.
6.A device that can record, process, transmit, display, receive and generate any information represented in numerals.
7.A surface on which a image is displayed
8.A device that prints text or image in paper form, from a computer or other device.
9.A group of computers connected together so that files can be passed from one to the other
14.Indicates the use of pictures or icons and colours.
16.A large printer used to print house plans.
18.Word processer or type writer.
19.A set coded incrustations that enables a machine, like a computer to perform certain things.
21.The storage on a device.
23.Input devices and output devices
24.Adding lines and animations to make an image or picture.
27.A loudspeaker.
28.Something put into a system
29.A container to store files.
1.A group of 8 bits.
3.The meeting point between the user and the computer language.
4.Most common operating system for personal computers.
5.A person who uses the computer is called a of a.
10.Makes recordings and records.
11.Stores short-term data and instructions.
12.A flexible plastic disk, used by computers to store data.
13.A hand held, button activated that is an input device.
15.A device used to transmit digital data.
16.A running software program.
17.The controller for certain video games.
20.A device used to sample something in a particular system.
22.A place where power or information leaves a system.
25.Permanent memory that is used to store very important programs that make the computer work.
26.The smallest unit a computer can work with. It is basically a building block of pieces of data.

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